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Children’s Leaders

On this page we are making available simple resources for use by leaders and parents who work with children. You are free to download and use them at home or in church.                                       

If you would like any of these documents in an editable Word format please contact Pastor Teresa Peters - - Director of Youth and Family Ministries for the NALC. 

Joyfully Go to School with Jesus
A back to school devotion as well as daily scriptures and prayers for ministry leaders to prepare. Then give to their families.

Children's Chapel
An alternative to traditional Sunday School. A way for families to worship together while children get the message in a language they can relate to.

Treasure Stone
A story for Children and Family Ministry Leaders and Parents to share with kids when someone they love dies.

A Simple Easter Skit                                                                                                      This simple Easter dialog can be used with little or no preparation, as a skit or as a children's sermon, with kids reading Bible verses to the Easter Bunny.

There's a Dragon in the Bible?
What boy or girl is not excited about dragons? This fun skit, which utilizes both people and puppets, will teach them exactly that!

The Jesus Way
A 5-day Curriculum for Children’s Ministry. The material for a 5 day VBS program, or divide it up to use over several weeks for Sunday School or another form of children’s ministry.