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Holy Families! is an initiative of the North American Lutheran Church provided through a generous grant from the Thrivent Foundation, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation (1517 AD to 2017 AD). Produced by Sola Publishing, this special initiative will include a number of Lutheran discipleship resources for families and congregations.

The Holy Family Time daily devotional is written by:
Mrs. Kelly Hanson (Eaton, OH) and Rev. Steven E. King (Oakdale, MN)

Web Resources
- available on the Holy Families Website
1. Daily Family Prayer Resources (daily resources, published weekly online)
Click: HolyFamilyTime-HowTo for tips on how to use this resource for families.
2. Parent Pages (online/downloadable topical pages for parents)
3. Faith Formation (downloadable pages for children/families)
4. Educational Videos

Print and Video Resources
- available through Sola Publishing
5. Parents' Video/Discussion Series on Faith Formation (free here)
   (written and produced by Pastor Marcus Carlson)
6. Reformation Bible Study: In the Luther Household (purchase here)
     (written and produced by Pastors Steven King and Amy Little)