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Family BaptismFamily Faith Formation

The resources on this page are meant to help families think about how their faith applies to everyday life -- especially when times are difficult. Written for children, the activity sheets are meant to open up communication between parents and children, to give them a starting point for conversation. Each of the links below go to a print-friendly PDF download. (The activity sheets are written at about a third grade reading level.)

Trusting in the Promise of Jesus

Downloadable Worsksheets for Children and Families:

Worksheet1: When You Lose Someone You Love
Worksheet2: When We Are Going Through Bad Times
Worksheet3: When We Don't Get What We Want
Worksheet4: How We Should Treat Other People
Worksheet5: When We Are Facing Scary Times

Downloadble "Wordfind" Puzzles

Ten Commandments Collection (ten puzzles)
- originally featured in Connections Magazine

Downloadable Children's Small Catechism Coloring Pages 

First Commandment
Second Commandment
Third Commandment
Fourth Commandment
Fifth Commandment
Sixth Commandment
Seventh Commandment
Eighth Commandment
Ninth & Tenth Commandments

First Article of the Creed
Second Article of the Creed
Third Article of the Creed

The Lord's Prayer
The Sacrament of Holy Baptism
The Sacrament of Holy Communion
Confession and Forgiveness