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Holy Family Time: September 8th

Friday: Trust

Pray:  Begin by making the sign of the cross and calling upon God’s name.

From God to us, from death to life, from me to you …
in the name of the Father, and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, be with us now, as we study and learn from the Small Catechism. Help us to remember the many wise teachings within it. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Listen:  Listen carefully to this reminder from Luther’s Small Catechism.

We should fear and love God so that we do not use his name superstitiously or to curse, swear, lie, or deceive, but call upon him in every time of need, and worship him with prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. (Luther’s Small Catechism)

Engage: Talk about the Bible by having parents respond to children’s questions.

Child: Many people use God’s name to curse or swear, and don’t even realize it. How does that show dishonor to God? What can we do to try to avoid this?

Child: Why do you think God wants us to call upon him in every time of need? When have you done that?

Affirm: Pray for God to put his Word into action in your daily life.

Heavenly Father, we want to trust you, and to live in a way that is pleasing to you. Teach us how to do that, and help us to be good examples to those around us, as well. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Have each person in the family bless one another with these words.

May you use God’s name in good ways. Amen.

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